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Transformation Roadmap

Strategy & Road Mapping

What’s included in the Transformation Roadmap?

  • Interviews w/ 3 to 5 key leaders
  • Transformation Roadmap Chart
  • Transformation Vision Statement
  • High Level Dependencies
  • High Level Risks
  • Road Mapping Action Plan

What type of business is suited for a Transformation Roadmap?

  • A business needing a “new technology” plan for the next one to three years
  • Companies that need a leader to assist the business with a roadmap exercise
  • Organizations needing a one page view of their transformation future

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Clarity of
Transformation and Purpose

Transformation Framework

Project Mgt & Governance

What’s included in the Transformation Framework?

  • Interviews w/ 3 to 5 key leaders
  • Transformation Framework Chart
  • Transformation Charter Draft
  • Transformation Org Chart Draft
  • Transformation Templates (5)
  • Transformation Framework Plan

 What type of business is suited for a Transformation Framework?

  • A business needing to setup leading practices in transformation management
  • Companies that require an augmentation to existing PMO practices
  • Organizations that have a roadmap and need guidance to lead a transformation

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Visibility to All
Transformation Workstreams


Five-Prong Approach

What’s included in the Transformation Launch?

  • Transformation Roadmap
  • Transformation Framework
  • Transformation Charter to Review
  • Transformation Org Chart to Review
  • Organizational Change Assessment
  • Transformation Launch Action Plan

What type of business is suited for a Transformation Pre-Launch?

  • A business that wants assistance with planning & launching the initiative
  • Companies that require a jumpstart or reset for their existing teams
  • Organizations that want leadership and guidance to carry out transformation

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Effective Communications
Across Your Organization

Transformation Roadmap

Consulting services for building a Transformation Roadmap can help organizations successfully navigate the process of change. Such services usually begin with a series of interviews with key stakeholders to gather information about the current state of the organization and its goals for the future. Based on these interviews, a Transformation Vision Statement can be developed to articulate the desired outcomes of the transformation.

A Roadmap Chart is created that outlines the key milestones and phases of the transformation, as well as any Dependencies and Risks that may need to be addressed along the way. Finally, the Road Mapping Action Plan can be developed to guide the implementation of the roadmap, ensuring that the transformation stays on track and delivers the intended results.

Utilizing Blue Fusion Partners for guidance, direction, and facilitation in building a transformation roadmap can be invaluable for an organization seeking to achieve significant change. With a clear vision, a well-planned roadmap, and a detailed action plan, organizations can overcome the challenges of transformation and realize their desired outcomes. Consulting services provide the expertise needed to develop and carry out a successful transformation engagement to achieve greater efficiency, effectiveness, and competitive advantage for the organization.

Transformation Framework

Having a partner to work with building a Transformation Framework can help organizations establish a structured approach to managing change. These services begin with a series of interviews with key stakeholders to understand the current state of the organization and its objectives for successful transformation. Based on this information, a Transformation Framework Chart is developed to outline the key components of the framework, including governance, processes, metrics, and tools. A Charter Draft is created to capture key elements of purpose, objectives, and metrics. Additionally, an Organizational Chart Draft is created to clarify roles and responsibilities and establish a clear governance structure.

Transformation Templates are provided to help guide the development and implementation of the Transformation Framework for the entire initiative. Finally, the Transformation Framework action plan guides the continued improvement and augmentation of the framework, ensuring that the transformation is executed effectively and efficiently.

Engaging with Blue Fusion Partners for building a transformation framework can help your organization establish a solid foundation for managing the change. By providing a structured approach, clear governance, and actionable templates, these services help a business streamline their transformation efforts and achieve successful adoption of the solution.

Transformation Pre-Launch

Enlisting the help of consulting services that have expertise for building a Transformation Launch Action Plan can be critical for the successful planning of a Digital Transformation initiative. Blue Fusion Partners leads you through the process of building out your Transformation Roadmap and Transformation Framework as first priorities. These key inputs provide a view of the current state and vision for future state.

An Organizational Change Assessment is carried out and aligned to the to vision and objectives, helping to create a comprehensive plan for launching the transformation. The Transformation Launch Action Plan will include specific tasks, timelines, and resource requirements for coordinating the implementation kickoff.

Blue Fusion Partners provides services and expertise that help companies ensure success of a Digital Transformation initiative. By taking inputs from a transformation roadmap, transformation framework, and change assessment, companies can develop a comprehensive plan for launching the transformation that is tailored to their specific needs and goals. This approach can help companies minimize risks and challenges associated with transformation, while maximizing the benefits and opportunities of Digital Transformation.

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